(NASHVILLE, TN), February 2, 2022 — Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) and Rep. John Gillespie (R- Memphis) today filed Senate Bill 2451/House Bill 2605 protecting police officers from liability for injuries to a third party caused during a police pursuit so long as the police officers’ conduct is not grossly negligent.

“This legislation will make our state a safer place to live. It will allow our police officers to do their jobs by protecting them from unjust lawsuits,” said Sen. Kelsey. “The current law discourages police officers from pursuing dangerous criminals. As we continue to experience record-breaking crime rates in Memphis, our officers should be able to protect our citizens as long as they are acting reasonably.”

“This legislation only protects law enforcement officers who follow the proper policies and procedures while pursuing a fleeing suspect,” said Rep. Gillespie. “It is important that officers and their departments still be held accountable for any third-party injuries caused by grossly negligent conduct.”