Councilman Ford Canale is pleased to announce his collaborative efforts with Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) and Representative John Gillespie (R-Memphis) to discourage drag racing. Today, Senator Kelsey filed Senate Bill 14 for consideration by the State General Assembly to classify drag racing as a Class A misdemeanor.

The popularity of illegal drag racing seems to be on the rise and is becoming more dangerous. There has been an increasing number of complaints regarding drag racing on city streets.

While it is widely understood that speeding in an automobile creates additional dangers, it is not always clear why this is the case. Beyond the increase in force at the moment of impact in a collision, traveling at excessive speed imposes many obstacles to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. These include decreased reaction time to avoid vehicles or pedestrians, inability to safety turn or to retain control through curves, increased risk of skidding off roads, increased rollover risk, etc.

Drag racing is an activity that poses a serious threat to the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists. 

“I believe drag racing on a public street can only lead to someone getting hurt. This bill is a step in the right direction for making our streets safe for everyone,” said Representative Gillespie.

“As a public servant, keeping our neighborhoods safe is a top priority,” said Senator Kelsey “this legislation will act as a deterrent against reckless and life-threatening behavior on our roads.”

“This legislation is a step toward holding reckless drivers accountable by adding the needed tools to crack down on drag racing on our streets,” said Councilman Canale. “I want to thank Senator Kelsey and Representative Gillespie for their partnership in keeping more citizens safe on city streets and assuring citizens make it back home to their families every day and night.”

Councilman Canale also plans to introduce supporting legislation to the Council in efforts to deter drivers from drag racing.